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A look at one of our Color-it Poster

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The Galactic Store started out as a store that contained all our products in one location even though we had smaller decated stores in other locations online. However, with our growing line of products that kind of dupication is no longer practical.

The Galactic Store has become a series of stores that go with the ever expanding set of stories we have online. There is official apparel for Starfighter Command. Promotional products for Cybertron Robotics where Candy Apple, the first android to kill a human, was manufactured.  Then there is the store (A Little Anarchy) that supports the New American Revolution Freedom Fighters which is part of tabloid story from the Galactic Examiner where all their news stories is completely fabricated. The Galactic Store picks up all the products that don’t quite fit in any of the other categories or parts of the story that might offer only one or two products that only go with a certain part of the story.

It is only here where you can access all our stores and their various products at one location.

At Last

A Low Fat, Low Cholesterol, Sugar Free Cheesecake That Is Out Of This World

Adapted from a blue ribbon recipe.  This cheesecake must be tasted to be believed.  Once you taste it you will never use any other cheesecake recipe again.

 Order by mail send $5 to:

Galactic Enterprise/Recipes

HC 74 Box 4136

Mayer, AZ 86333

Price includes shipping and handling

Blue Ribbon Recipe

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