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Every Little Bit Helps

Recently, we purchased an old 33 foot RV with the intention of converting it into a portable office and solar powered low voltage demonstration model. We contend that 110/220 volts is not only expensive but wasteful as well, and that almost all the comforts and technology we take for granted today could be run on 12 to 24 volts. Aside from being mobile office space; this RV will become a demonstration model and educational tool to challenge conventional thought.

Only by seeing what is possible can we even begin to ask the right questions.

The Galactic Enterprise is a quest to help people live better, richer, fuller lives without adding to the burdens they already have. It is about inventing medical and other technology for the benefit of mankind, and then giving that knowledge away for free. It is about teaching people to feed and help themselves, and giving them the basic tools to work with. It is a quest to provide shelter for any man, woman, or child that needs shelter. It is about reaching out to others, even those you do not like. It is about unconditional love. This is the quest of the Galactic Enterprise.

The purchase of our products like our exclusive line of Color-it Posters help support some of our ongoing projects and enables us to maintain this website and all our other websites.  Know that your patronage is greatly appreciated.

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We have a number of websites online. If you are ever interested in finding some alternative entertainment come immerse yourself in a neverending ever growing story.

Galactic Enterprise is where the story begins. Merged with this story are other stories. Starfighter Command is one such story; tales of Earth’s mightiest warriors. Then there is Candy Apple - Android where we explore what constitutes intelligent life. We even have a simple arcade for your amusement.

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